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Dogging in Gloucester

dogging in Gloucester

If you live is Gloucestershire and are interested in dogging with a mature lady then this is the website for you. Dogging is the act of meeting up with other men and woman in public and shagging complete strangers. Many of the men and women on this site have been dogging before and are simply looking to meet up with other women. The problem most doggers have is that dogging can waste a lot of time. Sitting around in a dogging car park in Gloucester can seem like a real waiting game and sometimes no women even turn up. But if a woman does turn up it can feel like Christmas. Well why not cut out the waiting game. It is really important that you find what you are looking for on this website. We ask all members when they sign up for the first time to tick boxes on their appearance and their sexual fantasies. That means when you sign up to this site you will be able to search for women who share the same fantasies as you. You can tick boxes for activities you are interested in. So if you want to meet blond women over 60 who are interest in anal sex in a dogging car park you can whittle down your results and we will only show you the profiles of the women who have ticked the boxes blonde, anal sex, dogging and said that they are over 60. This system is so simple but so effective. If means you can meet the exact women that interest you. Cut out the waiting. If you are tired of waiting around for a woman to turn up at the dogging car park then why not take matters into your own hands. Why not get in touch with these women before you turn up. Ask them where they go dogging and ask them what time they will be going out next. Go up and meet them at the exact time they are planning on heading out. If you are really lucky they might just organize a location only you and her go to so you can shag her as many times as you like and then drive home. Many of the men and women who go dogging in Gloucester are married and just looking to meet other men and women for a dogging experience in Gloucestershire.

A note from one of our dogging whores

old dogging grandmother

Many men do not realize the amount of women that sign up to this site looking for granny dogging. Many of the men have no idea how horny these women are and how much they are looking for sex. So in the true nature of this blog where we share with you images of some of the members and let you in on some of the stuff they have been getting up to we decided to show you a letter that was written in by a 63 year old members of the community. “Hi my name is Betty and I am 63 years old. I decided a few years ago that I was a bit lonely after my late husband past away and my daughter suggested that I tried online date. She wanted me to go on match which I did as she had bought me an ipad for my birthday and I have always worked with computers. I got to grips with it and signed up to match. I went and met a younger man in his fifties who asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink. When I arrived it was quite clear that he was only really interested in sex. Now a woman of my age does not expect that when she goes on a date but I thought, do you know what, I will have sex with him. So we went back to my house and this gentleman shagged my fucking brains out. It was the biggest rush I have had in years and I have to say it has added years onto my life. My daughter was mad with me when she found out but I couldn’t get enough. The next few dates I went on with match I was looking for someone else to shag me but no one was interested so I started looking for sex sites for older women and stumbled upon granny dogging. I knew about dogging from a recent television program I watch so I signed up and thought I would give it a go. Well, I have to say from the moment I signed up I have been going off with different men every night having sex. Now don’t get me wrong, they are very handsome young men who want to shag me and I think why not. I am enjoying it and so are they. As long as the car is warm I am happy to go at it all night” So there we are, that is a message from an elderly woman who is eager to start having more sex. If you are interest, why not sign up tonight and you could be one of the lucky women who are getting to shag Betty!

Meet the smoking hot grans!

sexy granny dogging

Grannydogging.co.uk is the original site for Hot Granny dogging. Established back in 2006 we have the biggest and best database of horny older women looking for sex. Sign up for your free trial and see for yourself the huge amount of horny women we have online now, actively looking for sex. If you are not completely satisfied, simply cancel your registration, quick and easily and you will never hear from us again. Finding your ideal granny date from the thousands online With hundreds of women signing up each week its getting harder and harder to find the perfect older lady because of the huge volumes. Because of this we have added some additional filtering features so you can filter the women down to the ones that suit you the best. We thought, why are men and women signing up to this site? The answer is to increase the amount of sex contacts they have. Ultimately we know you all want more sex! So we thought how can we help people find the right sex partners. The only answer is to help you filter your results based on what kind of sex partner you want. What favourite sex positions do they have? Do they have certain sexual fantasies they prefer? What sexual acts do they like to perform on others? What sexual acts do they like to have performed on them? etc You see, once you have found an older lady who shares the same interests as you, it’s a lot easier to meet up with them for sex. The more you have in common, the more likely it is you will meet.(just like with most dating sites). So on sign up we ask all members to fill in a small questionnaire about their sexual preferences. This makes everyone easy to sort when doing a filter. So for example, if you filtered results to hot older women who liked anal and doggy style, we would bring up only the women who shared these two interests. Tips for sending messages on HotGrannyDogging When messaging women on the site for the first time, there are a couple of rules to abide by that will give you the best results Don’t take yourself too seriously. Keep the message direct but not abrupt. Don’t make the message too long; short and sweet is best. Act sure of yourself, there is nothing worse than a person who doesn’t think they deserve your time. Get your personality across without having to talk about yourself too much. Don’t put any pressure on them to get back to you quickly.  

Granny Dogging Cardiff


Dogging was, up to a few years ago, very much an underground activity, people would judge you if you were into dogging and talking about it in general conversations was massively taboo, however not anymore. More and more people are becoming comfortable with their sexual liberalism and venturing into the world of dogging is something that is becoming more and more common. Granny dogging has become increasingly popular and it’s not just reserved for the countryside anymore, there are location popping up all over the major cities and with sites such as grannydogging.co.uk you no longer have to rely upon secret groups to find these locations, they are readily available at your fingertips. If you looking to part take in a little bit of Granny Dogging in Cardiff, there are two things you need to be considering, Who and Where? Firstly, who? Depending on whether you are a couple looking for ways to jazz up your sex life or whether you are a single man or woman looking to get involved in some fruity fun, will depend on who you go after when looking for dogging events. It is becoming more common for older women to get involved in dogging. Whether it is because they love the attention from other men or couples when they are being watched or joining in, or if it’s because they need naughty sex to keep them feeling young, either way Grannies love dogging. So now you know who you are going to be dogging with, the next thing to figure out is where. Doggers of yesteryear had to rely upon word of mouth to find out where to go dogging, which is always a risky business as there is no way, really, of telling who is into dogging and there was always the fear of making yourself look like a bit of a pervert if you were to ask where to go, however thanks to sites like ours this is no longer an issues Where? Wenault Car Park: On the Country lane opposite the Travellers Rest pub on Caerphilly Mountain, drive for 5 minutes and after a little bit on the left hand side you will see a car park.  If you hit it at the right time you will also see that the car park is occupied by some steamy windowed cars, if there aren’t any around. Then park up and wait to see who arrives, if nobody pulls in after 30 mins, it’s probably going to be a quiet night, so either make the most of it and have sex whilst you’re there or head home and try another day. Forest Farm Nature Reserve Car Park:  This is the golden location for dogging in Cardiff, four of seven nights of the week there is always something going on here, some nights you only get one or two couples, so 50% of the time dogging here is a spectator sport, but on a Friday night, you can sometimes get six to seven cars worth of participants which results in a great experience where you can do a bit of watching and a bit of getting involved and to top it off, there is almost always women  over  fifty five or sixty at this location so fill your boots.   With two great locations in Cardiff for a bit of Granny dogging you should quite easily get your fill quickly. Remember with dogging, although it’s quite a raunchy sexual activity, you should still respect the people you are with, if they don’t want you to get involved, respect this and find someone else, there will always be alternative for you to enjoy.

Older Fuck Buddy

older fuck buddy

Let’s get straight to the point, older women are hot. Single older women are even hotter. And those who are looking for just sex, well let’s just say that I’ve got a hotel room booked round the corner. There’s nothing better to hear from a woman that she is looking for a Fuck Buddy I think we can all agree. By all means women do have the same needs as us men but as soon as you hear the words from them, well you know you are on to a winner. There’s just something about having an older fuck buddy that makes the action more exciting. Every guy has that fantasy of sleeping with an older woman. Whether it’s the thrill of the chase and boost to confidence knowing you can pull above your normal level or just simply because of the experience she has and the lessons she could teach you. Sounds enticing doesn’t it. Thankfully with the help of the internet it so quick and easy to find a fuck buddy online. The simplicity of finding yourself a fuck buddy is just so ridiculously easy now that more and more people are doing it. Why go through the hassle of meeting and going on a date just to sus out the girl when you can find one who is up for it straight away. Simple hey? The internet provides you with so many links that can take you straight through to a woman who wants to meet up this very same night. Whether you are looking for a girl who is up for it locally to you or you are looking for an older fuck buddy that is only in town for a few days, they are so easy to reach now. The benefits of having an older fuck buddy are so great I don’t understand why we aren’t all going for these older women. Not only can you have sex as and when you want, you are both in a non-commitment agreement.  That’s something that we all look for, no strings, no hassle, no nagging. Just pure sex whenever you want. And the perks of having an older fuck buddy, well the years of experience kind of say it all. Most women who are just looking for a sex will know what they like and how to pleasure a man. There’s no awkward figuring out what you both like, simply just let the magic happen with no pressure. How to secure yourself an older fuck buddy: *Know exactly what you are looking for and when you want it. A woman likes a man who knows exactly what he wants. Being indecisive is never a good quality. *Play up your age to her, she will love knowing that she is getting attention from someone years younger than her. Older women dream of having a toy boy and men fantasise over having an older play mate. As long as you flatter her and pull out all of your best moves she will be soon be jumping on you. *Choose your meet up locations carefully, if you are planning to go to a hotel book a nice one. Nothing will turn her off more than a dirty, dated hotel room – unless of course that’s what she’s into. If you are meeting up in a pub or bar first then take it out of town just so you don’t bump into anyone you know. Keep things simple and uncomplicated. *Experiment with her. She will be able to teach you things someone your age couldn’t so I’d recommend you sit back and enjoy the show. Keep up with her and show her a few things you’ve learnt too. Just enjoy the moments whilst you still have her *Simply just enjoy it for what it is. Sex.