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Granny Dogging London


As the British public become more and more relaxed when it comes to sexual matters, it is not surprising that there is such a sizable increase in the number of people part taking in the activity of dogging. However there has also been a noticeable increase in the number of people interested in dogging....but with Grannies. Weird I hear you say? Is it that weird though? At GrannyDogging.com we of course love the idea of having sex with a granny and what better way to do that than have people watch you, or even better get involved and enjoy those luscious old pussy lips with you, outside with natures elements brushing your bodies.   Firstly, before you we start judging grannies for their love of being fucked outside, it would be wise to remember three facts about older women: They love young meat, Young guys can go on forever and are full of enthusiasm. Older women need loving too; no matter what you might hear about the older female, they never lose their love for cock and always need a good seeing to. Older women, know what they want. They are not nervous, like younger women, there will be no awkward moments, let them lead you, it’ll be worth it. Now that we’ve accepted that it is suitable to go dogging and even better go dogging with grannies, where in London does this type of activity take place is what I am hearing you ask. If you’re thinking of trying out Granny Dogging in London, check out some of these hotspots. Uxbridge: There is a car park near Stockley Park Golf Course, If you leave the M4 at junction 4 and head towards West Drayton, just after the roundabout there is a turning on the left: This is usually a hot spot for dogging, try and hit it during the week for really genuine doggers as oppose to spectators. Perivale: On Horsenden Hill Road, Opposite the pub, there is usually a bit of action after 9pm. Obviously due to this it does restrict the dogging action here to between the October to May months, but still this is plenty of time to go dogging for grannies in London. Norwood Green – Heston There is a small park in Heston off Osterley Lane, it leads off down a long lane and at the end there are a couple of lay bys that you can often find people fucking at, it’s so quiet here that even during the day there is something going on. Usually, if you follow the footpath (you can’t miss it) there will be people fucking in the woods, most will let you get involved as well, as long as you are clean. Staines Car Park Next to the river in Staines, there is a small car park. If you head past pizza express, make a right and then a left, park up in that small car park (it’s underground so no-one can see you) and wait there. As long as you’re heading there after midday you won’t be interrupted by people returning from a late night social. It’s a friendly spot with a combination of dogging veterans and a few newbies, but no pressure to get involved, most parties are happy for you to watch if it’s your first time., So now you know where the best dogging spots are in west London. Will you meet any grannies at these spots? Who knows, Grannies that enjoy dogging are elusive, but they’re not unicorns. If you search long and hard enough, you will always find something to be enjoying.

Fabdogging with grannies

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Dogging has really caught the imagination and excitement of millions of members in the UK and across the globe. And it's not hard to understand why. The thrill of watching your wife being fucked by another man, peering in through the steamy window of a car to see a group of strangers pounding away, walking deep into the dark woods to stumble across couples passing themselves around like a parcel of fun.  The opportunities for exploration and adventure are bountiful - which is why we have had so many emails from our members thanking us for providing a strictly, mature dogging experience. Fabdogging with grannies has really taken off over here in the UK, and it's not hard to see why. When you introduce an older woman who know's what she want's into the equation, you're guaranteed fireworks! Just read this story from our members Sally in Gloucestershire. Sally-54-Gloucestershire. 'I've always been one for trying something at least once in my life. So when the opportunity came to try having sex with strangers in a secluded Gloucestershire common, cark park I couldn't resist joining. I had been signed up to this site, grannydogging.com for probably about 6 months. Previously I had just used to it to browse younger guys, and see their profile pics and vids - but that day I wanted to take full advantage of what the site offered. So I joined the next local dogging event and pulled up in my car at the secret location, at the time organised. At first it was very dark, but then a clearing came ahead of me and I saw 6 or 7 other cars. From that moment I was hooked, I didn't wait long until I found myself being groped and watched as I licked another grannies pussy. It was so exciting, being fucked by different men at any given point. I went home that night and knew one thing was for sure, I'd be back for more!' If you share the same curiosity as Sally why not join in all the dogging action right now at your local fabdogging spot. Click here to try a free membership trial and fuck a stranger tonight.

Mature dogger from London

Mature dogger gaby

We wanted this site to be very easy to use. We have made the sign up form simple to use and it is now easier than ever to find a suitable dogger to meet up with in your area. However, we are very aware that the simplest  thing for people who just want to have a quick look is to post some of our members right here on the homepage. This way you don't have to bother typing anything in, you can just have a scroll at some of the hottest mature doggers on the database. This week our hottest member is Gaby who is 50 from London. Gaby has written on her profile: "I am a lover of No Limits fun/play like the unknown of where the meet bis going to end or start, dress as a total slut, more make up than clothes, also a total exhibitionist, love to flash the flesh. I am an alcoholic but not a drunk, you will never see me drunk, unless its planned." If Gaby sounds like your type of girl and you would like to party with her, then give her a message after you have signed up. Signing up to the site is free and no credit cards are required.    


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If dogging were a sport, there is a granny from Tameside who would be the world champion! This old slut has been dogging for years now and will never miss the opportunity to shag any guy, anywhere possible. She has fucked guys from all around the country and beyond in all manner of places! She claims to have fucked more than 400 guys in her time and intends on going on until she can shag no more. There are tonnes of her photos on mature dogging sites as well as several videos of her getting shagged. In all the photos and videos she captured really enjoying her self as she serves the horny men of this country. If you want a turn at this granny dogging champ you need to join her mature dogging site! While some consider her a slut, those who love granny dogging see her as the dogger's champion. If you fancy a chance to shag this champ and other horny mature doggers before they retire from the sport, you need to become a granny dogging member today!


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If you love dogging with grannies then you need to join grannydogging.com to get information on the biggest local dogging fest in the UK. The local grannies are promising a no holes barred dogging fest that will have more than 15 grannies participating from different parts of the country. The national local granny dogging fest will be an excellent opportunity for you to get your cock sucked by hot freaky grannies before proceeding to shag their wet pussies and tight asses! Having seen pictures of some participants we are sure that the fuck fest will be an amazing experience. Here is one of the hot grannies you could be fucking at the national granny dogging fest! Now that you have had a sneak peek of the sexy grannies who will be at the fuck fest, go ahead and register as a member of granydogging.com so as to book your place for a chance to attend the national granny dogging fuck fest!