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Want to meet mature adults at local dogging spots around Sheffield for the best fun you can have in an evening? Well, then you need to join! Our exciting and unique online service helps adults from all over the city and its surrounding areas organise and meet up at local dogging events near them. Our service has proved so popular because it helps members contact each other in a safe, secure and discreet online environment so they create and manage public sex knowing that they are all genuine, legitimate and up for it doggers. Our website is perfect for people who are completely new to the scene, or veterans that maybe want to use a service that offers them more opportunity, security and like-minded members to browse, message and meet.

What kind of people is this website for?

Well, this website was originally set up to help offer horny younger men the chance to meet with older grannies who have years of experience but are looking for the right opportunities to meet people in public locations for sex – this created granny doggers. Over the years we developed and designed the site to suit the feedback we received from our members. They want the ability to be able to organise and arrange their own local dogging events, they also wanted to add privacy by being able to log into their account from their phone or tablet device. You can now do that. As well as that we wanted to create an exciting and naughty adult platform where our members would feel safe to explore their fetish and interest in grannies and dogging.

Can I just look at member photos and watch their videos?

Yes, you absolutely can. You don’t have to involve yourself with any of the local events to meet in Sheffield for sex, you can just use this site to get your fix of dogging content. Members here are regularly posting photos and videos of their own events or content that really gets them going and they want to share it with you to enjoy. Afterwards, you can also send them a message and say how much you appreciate their content and that could be a way to introduce yourself if you are shy or new to the dogging-scene. But don’t worry our members are all very welcoming and friendly after all an event like public sex is much better shared with lots of people! So sign up now for free!

The kind of people you could meet

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